For availability please call 0408 900 624 - usually we have a 1 month waiting time for a new booking.

Fortnightly rental price is $40, a 10% commission of all sales will be retained to cover administration and daily maintenance of your rack.

Please note the following:

  • There is a minimum commission on any one item of $1; if an item is priced below $10 the commission will be $1
  • We will store your clothes for 48 hours after your booking for no charge, after that a charge of $20 per day will be required to release your clothes to you
  • We will take the utmost care of your items, also doing our best to ensure nothing is stolen or damaged.

 Price includes:

    • Coat hangers
    • Sale of small items on top of the rack (applies to low racks only)
    • Sale of small items on floor of the rack (applies to tall racks only)
    • Daily tidy up of your rack
    • Assisting customers on your behalf
Price does not include:
    • Pricing and tagging of items
    • Hanging of your items on hangers (we will hang your items in the rack and remove them at the start and end of your booking if required)